FASTY is another great Swedish brand, based at Anderstorp next to the old Formula 1 circuit. They specialise in straps for the domestic and light industrial markets; their steel buckles are all made at Anderstorp, and are not only much stronger but much easier to use than cast alloy buckles – they can be opened much wider, even with gloves on, so threading the strap through them is incomparably easier. Using FASTY straps is always a pleasing thing to do!

Strap manufacture is their full time business and they always aim to be the best. They are also innovators, creating for example special cable management straps, just as suitable for hosepipes as electrical cable, or the Handy (a strap with a handle), or their quick and easy motorbike / quad bike tie down system.

Reusable pallet straps
Reducing plastic use in the warehouse

Our research suggests that UK businesses are still using, annually, over 140,000 tonnes of pallet wrap, over twice the weight of plastic carrier bags that were being handed out, at peak use, by UK supermarkets.

Most of this is recycled, but the recycling opportunities are limited, and what does not end up in permanent structures (for example rubbish bins or plastic timber and furniture) will eventually be burned or buried.

There is therefore an eco-dimension to using buckle straps where appropriate; our experience is that they’re also quicker to use than hand-wrapping, and cheaper.

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Lashing straps

The most obvious difference between FASTY lashing straps and run-of-the-mill straps is the steel buckle, designed and manufactured in-house by FASTY, with each buckle individually tested. FASTY buckles open much wider than cast alloy buckles and are therefore always easy to thread, even with gloves on.

Available in 20mm and 25mm widths and in a variety colours.

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Ratchet straps

Fasty ratchet straps are equipped with powerful tensioners, capable or securing a huge variety of loads. The tensioners range from 1600kg to 8000kg rated strength, available in 5m or 10m lengths with hooked ends or as endless straps.

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