Fasty lashing straps

Key features of Fasty lashing straps

Fasty lashing strap features

The most obvious difference between FASTY lashing straps and run-of-the-mill straps is the steel buckle, designed and manufactured in-house by FASTY, with each buckle individually tested. FASTY buckles open much wider than cast alloy buckles and are therefore always easy to thread, even with gloves on.

FASTY buckles are also stronger, and always reliable – there is no slip. Standard FASTY buckles are corrosion-proofed to exceed automotive sector standards; there are optional surface treatments that far exceed the corrosion requirements for stainless steel. The buckles on their 20mm straps are tested to 300kg, with 400kg for their 25mm straps.

The strapping is made from a high-tenacity polypropylene - UV resistant, dirt repellent, moisture resistant, compliant with REACH, RoHS and Oeko- Tex, and 100% recyclable. The leading edge is always cut at 45 degrees so there’s a point for easy threading into the buckle.

Fasty lashing straps - in use examples

We find that FASTY straps, often used together with edging material from pallets delivered to us, provide for a more stable, safer load than we can achieve with hand- wrapping. We use a mix of 3.5m and 5.5m straps, usually just tying off surplus material rather than spending time in threading it through the strap keeper – the emphasis is on speed and effectiveness, not neatness!

We notice from our visits to IKEA that they are consistent in placing the buckles on their FASTY pallet straps on a side face of the pallet, towards the top, removing the risk of a buckle being loosened by being bumped on the beam above; good idea!

In addition, we know of customers who are using FASTY straps for moving part-finished goods to and from their sub-contract manufacturers. Some of these pallets are also plastic wrapped; the FASTY straps are used instead of plastic or steel strapping. FASTY straps are stronger and more reliable than plastic straps; some customers have them branded with their name or web address, in their own colours, not just because they look smart but to make it more likely that they’ll be returned!

Solid contents - no need for edging
A quick and stable solution
Use edging for shorter cartons
Part used pallets are more of a challenge

Reducing the usage of pallet wrapping

Our research suggests that UK businesses are still using, annually, over 140,000 tonnes of pallet wrap, over twice the weight of plastic carrier bags that were being handed out, at peak use, by UK supermarkets.

Most of this is recycled, but the recycling opportunities are limited, and what does not end up in permanent structures (for example rubbish bins or plastic timber and furniture) will eventually be burned or buried.

There is therefore an eco-dimension to using buckle straps where appropriate; our experience is that they’re also quicker to use than hand-wrapping, and cheaper.

We have several warehouses and, where appropriate, we use FASTY straps to secure our pallets, especially when

  • palletising the contents of shipping containers
  • storing part-used pallets (which are usually pallet wrapped on delivery)
  • moving loads between warehouses
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