AutoSock are reusable tyre socks, supplied in pairs, which move vehicles on snow or ice, using specially developed textiles which maximise dry friction. You pull them over the driving wheels when you need extra grip, for example before ascending or descending hills; you can also fit them after you’ve got stuck - they'll get you going again. Fitting is easy and obvious - no special training is required.

They should be removed when you get back to dry tarmac. Their wear rate will depend on how sensibly they are used, and on what type of road surface. If used sensibly they can be used many times, perhaps over several years. They don't have a shelf life as such, so it makes sense to keep a set in the vehicle for use as required – the storage bag for one pair is about the size of a folded shirt. They're a good insurance against losing time and business due to the unpredictability of UK winters - most people have experience of losing grip on snow, and know what a dangerous time-waster this can be.

AutoSock, based in Oslo, created and developed the whole snow sock concept. The major safety-related challenge in this wholly unregulated sector is the number of copy products, most of which are of inferior design and made from unsuitable materials - they work adequately in some snow conditions, but are unreliable in others, failing to grip effectively or even falling off the wheels. Driving in snowy weather is dangerous enough at the best of times…

We have supplied AutoSock over many years to the UK's emergency services fleets, including fire, police and ambulance services.

AutoSock for cars

AutoSock are available for most car tyre sizes and may be used on vehicles where the use of traditional steel snowchains is not permitted. You do however need to get your hands and forearms into the gap between the wheel arch and the tyre, to fit them, which is often not possible with some low profile tyres. If this is your situation, we suggest that you check out your car and tyre size at to see what snow chain options are available - we specialise in snow chains, distributing the most innovative designs available. Rear wheel drive BMWs, for example, are often cited as examples of cars that are “No good in snow”. No problem - we have easy fitting solutions that work. Snowchains have changed a lot in the last 5 years!

AutoSock are so good that they're approved for cars as an alternative to snowchains in several EU countries - follow the link for more details.

AutoSock for vans

Vans always have good wheel arch clearance for fitting AutoSock, and there are sizes for most tyre sizes; if you have twin-wheel vehicles, fit them on the outer wheels.

Fitting AutoSock is easy and obvious. Unpack the folded AutoSock, shake them out and stretch one over each driving wheel, covering about two-thirds of the wheel. Then move the vehicle forward or back a half revolution and lift the rest of the AutoSock over the top of each wheel; they're held in place with elastic.

We supply several utilities fleets with AutoSock, but know of other big fleets which use poor quality knock-offs. It’s understandable that private individuals will source this stuff, but businesses have health and safety obligations to their staff, and also need to be confident about product liability insurance.

AutoSock for trucks and buses

We work away to persuade trucking businesses to carry AutoSock, attending exhibitions and winter resilience conferences. It is usually HGVs that block our motorways and trunk roads in snowy weather, preventing the salt spreaders from doing their work, causing huge tailbacks, associated misery and enormous financial loss. AutoSock is the obvious, low cost solution to this problem, and one size fits most UK-registered HGVs!

Buses and coaches probably have the most need of any type of vehicle to be able to keep moving safely in snowy weather, even just to get to the nearest service station. They will probably not have set out in snowy weather, but many coaches make long journeys, and conditions can deteriorate fast.

AutoSock's truck and bus sizes are fitted in exactly the same way as smaller sizes - easily and quickly. Keeping a set in the vehicle for use when required will prove to be a fraction of the cost of other options.

AutoSock can generate extraordinary grip - we even supply a very large size for use by aircraft 'tugs' to push aircraft off their stands, out to the areas which have been ploughed and salted, allowing these aircraft to operate.

AutoSock for fork lifts and working at height vehicles

We have a range of sizes for forklifts that don't only work around trailer-level loading bays - business soon comes to a halt if trailers cannot be loaded or unloaded!

We are also asked to supply AutoSock for tyre protection purposes - for example, to prevent cherry pickers and the like from marking painted floors.

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