Spikes-Spider is a Swiss snow chain brand. They developed the ‘front of wheel’ fixing concept, creating a unique range of chains that are held on a special wheel hub mounting plate, so in effect the chains are free floating around the wheel, which prevents them from clogging up with ice and packed snow. “30 seconds on, 30 seconds off” is their boast, and it can be done, and without getting filthy in the process, whether on snow or on wet grass / mud.

Their chains can also be resized, to an extent, so they can be kept at the optimum size as the tyre wears out and its circumference reduces.

Spikes-Spider are supplied to many European emergency services, and as an original equipment part for use on several prestigious car marques, on account of their quality, performance and ease of use.

The ALPINE PRO range is for light commercial vehicles up to 5 tonnes; we supply them for use on grass as well as snow, giving vehicles the traction and secure handling needed for driving up and down steep hills, especially in muddy conditions or when pulling heavy trailers.

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