We supply Calix branded seat covers, roof boxes and boot liners. CalixKlippan AB is a Swedish business whose brands include well-known automotive sector names such as Autoform, Calix, Klippan and PeBe.

Their seat covers, designed by their subsidiary PeBe, are all bespoke designs, so well fitting and of such high quality that those who are not in the know would never guess that they’re sitting on seat covers! Seat covers ought to be a perfect fit otherwise the movement of the seat cover itself will cause wear to the original fabric. Calix seat covers are really better than the originals because they are reinforced in the areas which are prone to excessive wear, especially (for medium and large vans) the edge of the seats. Where appropriate they are also front seat airbag-compatible.

Light commercial vehicle seat covers
Protect your investment!

Calix seat covers are always a sensible investment. As well as protecting the outer edges of the seats, the parts that usually wear out first, and keeping the seats clean, Calix seat covers will give the whole driving space a lift; they look really good, and they feel good to sit on.

Worn and dirty seats will certainly reduce a vehicle’s resale value. Cleaning is relatively cheap, for sure, but seat repairs certainly aren’t! It therefore makes sense to fit a good set of seat covers as soon as possible after purchase; it might even be possible to take them from one vehicle to the next.

Seat repairs can cost well over £1,000 every time, so spending less than £200 for a product that could cover several vehicle lease periods really is an investment!

Calix Transport 3.0 Seat Cover Transport 3.0
Artificial leather sides: 3mm
Fabric centre piece: 4mm
Martindale test rating: 38,500 rubs
Our most popular range for light commercials.
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Calix Stark Seat Cover Stark
Artificial leather sides: 3mm
Fabric centre piece: 6mm
Martindale test rating: 130,000 rubs
Our hardest wearing seat covers.
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Calix Stark Art Seat Cover Stark Art
Artificial leather sides: 3mm
Artificial leather centre: 3mm
Martindale test rating: 100,000 rubs
Artificial leather seat covers.
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Truck Seat Covers

Truck Seat Covers

The Formata 3.0 range, sold in pairs, is the best starting point for truck covers; they have similar specifications to the Transport 3.0 and are also very well-priced.

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